Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Nippers are back in training

Our Nipper Lifeguards are back in training!We had a great training today and started the day with an introduction and discussion about how important lifeguards are and what the biggest challenges are here in Costa Rica.

The training started with the trimesterly assessment. For that, the Nippers swam 200m timed, treaded water for 6 minutes and also practiced retrieving an object from deep water.

After the assessment the class continued with swim training and they worked on their swim skills.

 Then we went down to the beach. There we reviewed how to choose a safe bathing area and how to interpret the flag signals. The Nippers set a safe bathing area up by testing the water condition, current, and other potential hazards.

In our safe bathing area the Nippers learned the STAAR methodology of scanning and assessing for potential hazards. STAAR stands for “Scan, Target, Assess, Alert, Rescue”
To memorize the acronym our Nippers got to create their own mascots in the sand explaining the importance of STAAR.

The winning creature was an Octopus called "Oscar" with a great story told by Eli.

We ended the morning with a game. We are looking forward to next Saturday, which is “bring-a-friend- day”. We hope to welcome a bunch of new kids and inspire them to join our Nipper Surf Lifeguards.

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