Monday, January 7, 2019


A special day for our Nipper Lifeguards were coming up. They had the possibility to do a PADI Bubblemaker Course. With this course kids that are older than 8 years old, can get their first experience of scuba diving. Under the direct supervision of an instructor, the kids can take their first breathe underwater and explore the feeling of being a diver. The idea is to inspire the kids and make them curious about diving so that they hopefully continue with their PADI Diving education and join the Open Water Diving Program.

Instructor Sio, Rescue Diver Helene and divemaster in training Matthias (me) gave the kids a briefing and explained the physiology of scuba diving and taught them the most important rules. We showed them the equipment and how to use it.

 After the briefing, we split the eight Nippers up into two groups of four. The first group geared up and blew their first bubbles with Sio and Helene in the Pool. The second group did together with me a Beach clean-up and collected trash from Playa Danta. After 45 minutes the groups switched around and the second group jumped into the pool. 

The feedback from the kids was consistent, they all enjoyed it so much. 

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