Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Stand-up Paddling Race

One Saturday, our Nipper Life Guard Kids had their first real task. Las Catalinas together with Pura Vida Ride organized a Stand-up Paddling Race at Playa Danta in Las Catalinas. The Nipper Life Guards and their instructors were assigned to do the lifeguard job. 

The instructors divided the Nippers into two-man groups and sent them in kayaks out to their post. The mission was to take care of the athletes and rescue them in case of an emergency. The Nippers were positioned by every buoy and the instructor's patrol between the buoys and on the beach. 

The Nippers did a great job and we had no emergency. There was just one situation we had to handle. One athlete who had forgotten his camel bag was really thirsty and asked for water. We provided him with one of our bottles and he was able to finish the race.

The Nipper Life Guards left at noon. Their shift was over. We, Anna and Matthias, continued lifeguarding in the afternoon. Anna monitored the beach and Matthias followed the race in a kayak. Fortunately, the afternoon was just as quiet as the morning from the view as a lifeguard. We only had to support one woman who fell from her Dragonboard to catch up with the board again. 

Thanks to Las Catalinas ( and Pura Vida Ride for this nice event. 

Photo Credit: Las Catalians

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Turtle Tracks

The last night had a special surprise for us. On our way to work, we got the message that turtle tracks have been spotted at the beach at Las Catalinas.
We went down to the beach to measure the tracks and to take photos. 

It looks like two turtles entered the beach and were looking for a good place for their eggs. We found four holes where the turtles tried to dig a nest. We inspected these holes carefully and concluded that one nest could have eggs. We blocked the area of the nest with a rope to protect it.
Maybe in 40-45 days, we will have baby turtles on our beach. How exciting is that?