Monday, January 7, 2019

Steps on our way to become a divemaster

On our journey on becoming a dive master, we must successfully complete different tests and workshops. On one hand there is the theoretical exam and on the other hand there are different sport and skill assesments. In addition to our self-study, we have together with our Instructor theory lessons where we work on different topics like "How to supervise divers" or "How to do a good dive briefing".  In the next few weeks, we get the chance to implement our theoretical knowledge in our daily business. Learning by doing.

Next, to the theory, we started to complete the sports exercises. The first two exercises we successfully completed were from the topic waterskills development. The first skill was 15-minutes water tread. The goal from this exercise is to tread water for 15 minutes, just wearing a swimsuit and without a floatation. For the last two minutes of the exercise, the hands must be out of the water.  

The second skill was swimming nonstop 800 meters in the pool, face down, using mask, snorkel, and fins, without using a flotation and without using arms for swimming. It was tough, especially since we just had finished a swimming lesson ourselves, but both of us successfully mastered the exercise. Anna finished in a time of 16 minutes and 52 seconds and scores three points and Matthias finished in a time of 16 minutes and 30 seconds. He scored 4 points.

The third skill was swimming nonstop 400 meters in the pool using any stroke or combination of stroke. We started our swimmtraining, but both of us had still some problems with our endurance. But we colmpleted this exsercise as well and scored points.

To pass the topic waterskill development we must score in the five waterskills exercises at least 15 points.  In average we must score three points per exercise. We are in a really good way to reach this goal, in the first exercise we scored five points and in the second three and four points.
Beside to all the sport exercises, we started to work on our demonstration skills. It is one thing to know how to do the skill, but it is something totaly different to demonstrate a skill. Especially to customers who probably never have been diving before. It is very important to show every skill slowly and with exaggerated movements. Explain exactly what diffrent steps the skill contains and show afterwards every single step.

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