Wednesday, January 16, 2019

CEPIA is back in Las Catalinas

The CEPIA Group is back in Las Catalinas

On friday the 11th of January we had the first CEPIA class for the year! We were happy to meet familiar faces and to welcome new kids to our program. To break the Ice and to learn the names of the participants, we played a game. The group built a circle and one person was in the middle. His/her task was to catch the person who was named. The named person had to call another person’s name before he or she got caught. It was fun.

After that, we jumped in the pool and had a swim lesson. The kids did the exercises with enthusiasm, they were as excited to be back in the pool as we are to have them back.

After the pool session, we went down to the beach where Sio started to explain more about the ocean, waves, and current. In a playful way, the kids simulated a rip current and learned how to get out of it if ever caught in one. 

We ended the morning with a bath in the sea and a beach game. It was a great first class and we are are looking forward to next Friday to meet the group again.

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