Monday, January 7, 2019

Intertidal Explorer

Our Nippers Lifeguard Kids and the kids and their parents from Futuro Brillante are exploring together the Beach of Las Catalinas today.

 The focus was on discovering the intertidal ecosystem. We started with an introduction to learning more about the five tidal zones (splash zone, high tide zone, mid tide zone, low tide zone and submerge zone) and reminded them in a playful way that all the different ecosystems are connected. 

We divided the kids into 4 different groups. The exercise for the four groups consisted of exploring four of the five different Intertidal zones and collecting different species that live in each zone. In this way, the kids can find out, how diverse and teaming with life the different zones are. And in which zone the most life can be found. The groups started to explore the beach and the rocky area, which contains many small pools and they collected different species.

It was so much fun, that after 90 minutes the kids would still be looking for crabs, sea cucumbers, small fish, etc.

 The groups presented their collections. We then used microscopes and magnifying glasses to take a closer look at these fascinating animals and their adaptation to their environment.

 The kids learned that the most life can be found in the low tide zone and how important it is to protect these areas. During our exploration we also collected a bunch of rubbish and cleanednthe beach a little bit. It is important that these kids understand what a bad influence all this rubbish has on the different ecosystem and how we need to stop plastic from entering our oceans. 

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